The basis of the latest Viktoria products is 100% domestic donkey milk from our own breeding on a farm in the village of Radučić, where, in addition to the donkey farm, we also grow organic immortelle. But the magic ingredient of the new Victoria cosmetics is actually the process of its creation in a closed, controlled chain, considering that everything happens in our small, but well-equipped laboratory.

This method of production enables monitoring of all stages of product development, so traceability is an important indicator of product quality and safety, both for health and the environment.  

The benefits of donkey's milk are already widely known, and the most famous story about donkey's milk and its effect on the skin is that of Cleopatra, who is known to have achieved her fresh and youthful appearance with donkey's milk baths.  

100% natural cosmetics

by using our products you can be sure that you have applied completely natural elements to your skin combined in the best possible combination.

What do we offer?

Today, we are proud to offer you a line of cosmetics that is completely natural, from the first leaf that in spring turns green, to fragrant soap, balms and creams in your hands.
Our organic grown plantation is certified by BIOTECHNICON and the quality of our products is confirmed by all those who have had the opportunity to try them.