How did we get started

Caught in the rhythm of modern life, at one point we realized that we needed to do something for ourselves, something that would have a healing effect on us and help us cope with the hectic everyday life. So, we decided to plant IMMORTELLE on our family property in Raducic. Working in the field tired our bodies, but it certainly rested our souls and this dragged us more and more into nature. Cicero said a long time ago, "If we follow nature as our leader, we will never get lost" and so, guided by this thought, we created the immortelle plantation, also planted an almond and iris plantation, equipped and registered a laboratory for cosmetics and headed to our small adventure. Having lived for a long time between Dalmatia and Italy, we have taken the best of both cultures and we gained the education so that we can interact with nature in the right way. We were pleased to study the sectors of aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants in Croatia as well as in Italy and France.

What do we offer?

Today, we are proud to offer you a line of cosmetics that is completely natural, from the first leaf thatin spring turns green, to fragrant soap, medicinal balms and creams in your hands. Our organic grown plantation is certified by BIOTECHNICON and the quality of our products is confirmed by all those who have had the opportunity to try them. Because of all this, when asked WHAT WE OFFER, we will answer that we offer SAFETY, because using our products you can be sure that you have applied to your skin natural elements combined in the best possible combination; we offer EFFORT, because we did not choose an easy way of production, but the most healthy one; and most importantly we offer LOVE because we carefully formulated each product primarily for our family and now we are happy to share it with you!

Our goals

At the beginning of this story, our goal was to provide ourselves with a small "escape" into nature, providing our family with completely natural and irresistibly fragrant skin care products. Now that things have got serious, we want to prove that the Dalmatian country is not as stingy as it is often attributed to, and that if you treat it with special care, along with famous dalmatian stubbornness, it can give you very valuable fruits!

Our vision of natural cosmetics

Od našeg samog početka ideja je bila da stvorimo preparate od tla, od biljke – do završnog proizvoda. Svoju ljubav i želju pretočili smo u prirodnu kozmetiku namijenjenu svim tipovima kože. Učinkovita prirodna ulja i aktivni sastojci, pažljivo probrani, najviše kvalitete, temelj su svake kreme. Jedan od osnovnih sastojaka, vječno smilje, immortelle, beremo na našoj plantaži, destiliramo, i u našem laboratoriju opremljenom po najnovijim principima pretvaramo u proizvode visoke kvalitete.  Eterično ulje smilja, izabrali smo da pruži dodatnu vrijednost našim pripravcima. Mirisom uvijek u doticaju sa samom zemljom, smilje nas podsjeća odakle dolazi, i odakle i sami dolazimo, i kako je na često negostoljubivom terenu izraslo. Smilje smo u naše kreme dodali uistinu velikodušno, kako u obliku eteričnog ulja, tako i u obliku hidrolata i macerata. To luksuzno eterično ulje i hidrolat, mediteranskog podrijetla, zlatni je standard kozmetike za kožu kojoj nikad nije dovoljno vlage i hrane.